Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Are you a reptile killer?

We got this talkback from Charles:

Can you provide me with information about the study you mentioned where 3% of motorists will intentionally run over amphibians? I'd like to read the whole paper. A sad situation! Thanks.

Last week on a Talk on the Wild Side Harry Hutchins and John Latimer reminded us to be watchful of the roadways for animals and critters. From that comment some interesting information on a Canadian study came up.

According to a Human Dimensions of Wildlife study "Incidence of Intentional Vehicle-Reptile Collisions" almost 3% of motorists intentionally hit the fake turtle and fake snake that were set up on the roadway for the study.

Do you avoid reptiles? Have you ever seen someone intentionally hit a critter?

What do you think of the the whole issue?

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