Tuesday, October 16, 2007

LEFSE in the KAXE Kitchen!

Carol Bauer (John's mom) will be in the KAXE kitchen tomorrow to teach us about the tradition of making lefse...Maybe you aren't from around these parts, and didn't get to partake in the family tradition of lutefisk (yuck!) and lefse (yum!) at Christmastime. Remember when Grandma Holtan would have all those plates of bars? And how that one year Cousin Randy took all the cornflake wreaths? Wait, maybe that was just in my family...

We've been talking about CLOSE TO HOME during this fundraiser - what foods remind you of home? Are there Minnesota foods?

Tune in to tomorrow's morning show for the lefse extravaganza, and of course, Maggie's update on her local diet and Don Boese's European Reflections and Classical Corner.

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