Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some of the 183 Million pounds of beef recalled were sold in Minnesota

The Aitkin Independent Age, Brainerd Daily Dispatch, and Lakeland Public TV have all shown us the story by now of the ugly and dangerous practices that have put California ground beef in our school lunches.

Federal inspectors, too few and too late, are currently investigating the underground video from that Westland/Hallmark plant which showed "downer cows" - non-ambulatory and disabled - being shoved and prodded into slaughtering pens.

Patrons and citizens of this school district ought to be told just why Minnesota is buying and distributing this product to hundreds of its schools - including schools in this region at Brainerd, Little Falls, McGregor, Pierz and Aitkin.

Whatever happened to "Minnesota Grown?" Cattlemen across our state can deliver a good beef product.

As one landlord in a Stevens County operation named "Boss Ridge Ranch," I'm proud of the thousands of pounds of safe and nutritious Grass-fed Beef raised on our land, in cooperation with the U of Minn. experiment and outreach station at Morris.

As teachers like to tell us parents and grandparents, this can be a "Teaching Moment."

I am confident that this Westland Beef, hauled in bulk from California was cheap. And now how can Aitkin Schools find meat for our students that is locally grown, healthful, and nutritious?

I await your answers. I want to learn from you.


Gordon Prickett

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