Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Bra's Tale on StoryCorps

StoryCorps is the largest oral history project that travels across the United States recording everyday Americans interviewing each other.

KAXE has been chosen as a StoryCorps story and YOU will have the opportunity to record your own history. At StoryCorps, they believe that everybody’s story matters. Every life counts. By reaching out to record our history, hopes, and common humanity— we can help illuminate the true character of this nation. StoryCorps will be in Grand Rapids at the end of August thru September of this year!

One of the latest stories that was heard on NPR's Morning Edition was from 94 year old Betty Jenkins. Betty tells the story of how her mother worried about her lack of womanly curves and potential boyfriends so she took matters into her own hands. Hear her story here.

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