Thursday, October 16, 2008

Observe: The Big Carrot

by Maggie Montgomery

Yes, it’s just a carrot. But it’s a honker!

I’ve been away from home a lot this week, and will be away a lot more, but last night had a chance to take a quick tour of our late fall garden. It’s a little daunting to go out there, because it’s a scene of neglect right now. But the garden always makes me feel peaceful and grateful.

It was kind of cold out there, and breezy. The rain gauge showed that we had gotten 3½ inches of rain last weekend! After a few minutes Dennis came out and poked around with me.

The beets are covered with old sheets because Joel Rosen warned us last year they were susceptible to frost. Some will go in the cellar. Beets keep like champs! I’d like to pickle some too, in chunks.

The chard is getting frost damage around some of the leaves. I picked two bunches and took them in to steam on the cookstove while I canned some pints of tomato puree.

There are some little broccoli shoots to pick, and some of the brussels sprouts are big enough to eat or freeze. A few late cabbages are still growing. The tomato house is about half emptied. There are a couple stout celery clumps, also covered. The few parsnips might just have to wait in the ground until spring.

My favorite vegetable, kale, looks marvelous, although we haven’t had a chance to taste any yet! It’s lush and various shades of deep green—three varieties in one row! It gets sweet after a frost. We generally freeze it and bring it out for holidays.

While I was picking the chard, Dennis pulled a few carrots. I planted carrots four times this spring. The first three times, cutworms mowed them down. When I talked to our neighbor Michael Schumaker about his CSA operation on KAXE’s Morning Show yesterday, he mentioned that carrots are particularly sweet and tasty this time of year.

“Whoa! Look at that carrot!” Dennis exclaimed suddenly. He pulled one out of the ground. The garden had produced a whopper! We took it and a few other carrots inside with the chard.

We each ate a normal, delicious carrot. I photographed the big carrot on the counter, in my hand, and with Dennis. I’m not sure what else to say about it, except to observe that it’s BIG.


Christina said...

That is a HUGE carrot! It looks like it came out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon! I'm impressed no critters nibbled on it!

How much does it weigh?

Maggie said...

we didn't weigh it! but maybe we should. it might score as a bona fide trophy using the boone and crockett system...girth, weight...

Anonymous said...

On Tuesday night Neil Young rocked the Xcel Center in Saint Paul. It was glorious and at one point a spokesman for the crowd exclaimed, "You're a miracle!" Neil said that we need a miracle. Lo, and behold, the very next day a miraculously large carrot was discovered in a garden in East Nary. I believe we can all take all of that as very good signs of good things to come : )

Dennis said...

I just weighed it... 1 pound,6oz.

Penny said...

Wow, that is a honker!

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Anonymous said...

What breed is that carrot?

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