Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Great Christmas Tree Debate

This morning Scott Hall talked with Eli Sagor from My Minnesota Woods about the top 5 stories in Forestry in Minnesota this year. They included passage of 2c managed forest land tax classification, market downturns - community and landowner impacts, emergence of carbon markets, biomass - biomass - biomass, and the passage of the legacy amendment.

At the end of their conversation Scott asked Eli his take on a real v. artificial Christmas trees. Eli talked about his family's tradition of going out to cut a tree every year. Eli mentioned the smell being part of the allure of a real tree.

What's your take? What kind of tree is in your house? Post your comments here!

Check out this photo slide show posted on My Minnesota Woods to see one family's tradition of cutting down their own Christmas tree. Or better yet, send us a photo of YOUR Christmas tree!

If you are looking for a local tree farm to cut/buy a Christmas tree from, check here!


Eli Sagor said...

It was fun, as always, to talk to Scott yesterday. I'm glad I was able to contribute to the great Christmas tree debate!

As you noted, in my mind there's no debate--a natural tree wins hands down.

This morning I discovered a video that may be of interest to those considering Christmas tree options. A U of M Extension educator goes through several different species of Christmas trees explaining what's unique about each one. Starting at about 2:15, she weighs in on the "great debate" as well. Enjoy!


artificial Christmas trees said...


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