Friday, December 14, 2007

Ojibwemowin: Gichi-noo-din!

We've made some new friends on the morning show. Leslie Harper and Adrian Liberty are teachers at the Nigaane Bug-O-Nay Ge Shig Language Immersion School between Cass lake and Bena. They are eager to bring the language and culture of the Aniishinaabe to the airwaves. For those of us who don't speak Ojibwe, they will give us some insights into the language and teach us a few words and phrases. We'll post the language lessons on our web site. Look for audio highlights at the bottom of KAXE's web site.

Last Monday (12/10) and Thursday (12/13) on the morning show, Leslie (Saagajiwe) did our weather forecast in Ojibwe and gave us a brief lesson in Ojibwemowin. Thursday it was very windy, and the phrase for the day was "gichi-noo-din" - it's windy.

We are looking forward to more visits with Leslie and some of the students and elders in the Nigaane program. In addition, we are working with some of the faculty at Leech Lake Tribal College to do other features related to the language and culture of the Aniishinaabe.

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