Friday, March 28, 2008

Greatest Moments in the life of Cake

Hi, my name is Patty-Kake and this is my brother Johnny-Kake. We're cake.

You know, we've seen a lot of parties, because we're cakes. But tonight was different. This was by far, forks down, the greatest moment of our 7-layered lives. There was joy, laughter, whipped cream, music and camaraderie. Johnny-Kake and I really felt appreciated.

Maybe this is half baked, but it wasn't like we were "just" cakes. The fork-holders really included us in their celebration. It is so sweet when people come together to communicate, to laugh, to listen and of course, to eat.

KAXE is not that different from a big ol' slab of cake - it can bring people together in a really good way and lead to lots of Great Moments.

The Greatest Moments fundraiser on 91.7 KAXE starts Monday morning. The first pledge will be a really great moment, so don't be shy, fork it over!

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Anonymous said...

You should have tried the German chocolate too.