Saturday, March 29, 2008

KAXE and the NFCB Vote to Support International Journalism

This afternoon KAXE was part of a unanimous vote by the National Federation of Community Broadcasters passing the resolution below. The vote was requested by AMARC (the World Association of Community Radio Stations--of which KAXE is a member). It supports the international work of community broadcasters and journalists. The resolution will be sent to the US State Department and the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon:

WHEREAS, with 35 journalists killed in Mexico since [the year] 2000, ten in 2006 alone, most of them while covering cases of organized crime and corruption, Mexico has been considered the most dangerous country in the continent for journalists;

WHEREAS, Mexican community radio stations, including community-based station Radio Bemba in Hermosillo, have denounced systematic practices of harassment and intimidation from police authorities against their news gathering work;

WHEREAS, there is a long history of rampant impunity in cases involving crimes against journalists perpetrated bu public officials;


The members of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, representing 190 member radio stations in the United States, express our deepest concern for this atmosphere of violence and impunity against Mexican journalists and community radio practitioners and urge President Felipe Calderon to conduct an immediate and thorough investigation in all pending cases of attacks against journalists, ensure those responsible are brought to justice, ensure protection of the work of journalists and community media practitioners, and ensure compliance with the constitutional laws that protect the right to free speech.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
March 29, 2008

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