Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Would you drive 55

Staff physicist Aaron Wenger was in yesterday to talk speed limits, hair-dos and don'ts, asteroids and Mars.

Aaron talked about HIS theory (take that yesterday's StarTribune!) that to conserve energy and lower our use of fossil fuels the best thing the government could do is to enforce a lower speed limit. He said it is simply ASTOUNDING how a substantial chunk of the hydrocarbon load could be lowered 15-20-25%. He's in favor of a totalitarian regime that throws people in jail after a couple of tickets. He even mentioned the possibility of car manufacturers putting a cap on how fast you could go.

Is this a crazy idea? Would you agree to it? Post any other ideas you might have here....

1 comment:

wabana said...

Yes! The ever increasing speeds are making me dizzy, cars and trucks FLYING by. Please bring back trains, buses, bicycles and walking.
55 is the new 75!!!