Friday, May 2, 2008

A post from Linda Johnson


KAXE may be overwhelming to some. It happened. I heard, went to the KAXE chicken workshop, now have baby Myrtle and Ruby--Golden Stars, Dagney, Elna, Eula, Rose, and Esther--Buff Orpingtons, and Orville, Leonard, C.W., Albert, and Walter--Cornish Cross. Beej is showing promise in her Peep Protector Training.

I listened. Put in 10 taps. Then 20. Heard Egon reporting hundreds of liters of sap. Put in 54 taps total—sleep deprivation for a month hauling sap in 3 snow storms and evaporating on my pathetically small wood stove (although it does sport a KAXE bumper sticker) outside. More sap than thought possible. I learn, but continue to listen, thus still a listener-at-risk.

“You can save seeds”, they said. Been giving away seeds, plants, tomatoes, salsa, sauce and hope to have the freezer cleared by harvest.

“Canning is easy!” they announce. So, the pre-zip code era pressure cooker, canner, tons of jars pile up. I intermittently laugh, cry and laugh…a lot…and keep listening to KAXE.

Maggie says to blog. This is my would-be-blog, ‘cept I don’t know how to transfer it to blog form…yet.

Does anyone else think a KAXE listener support group is a good idea?

Please email me or comment here. Heartfelt thanks, Linda

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Lake Country Blogger said...

You are a natural born blogger, in addition to chicken farmer, maple sugarer and canner. Keep up the good work.