Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ramblin' Jack

So we're getting ready to talk with Ramblin' Jack tomorrow on the Friday Morning Show and we were inundated by Ramblin' Jack songs and anecdotes in the conference room. Okay, maybe it was the lemon bars talking but Maggie and Mark couldn't STOP telling us about Ramblin' Jack ...

Maggie really likes Jack's rendition of the Dylan song "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" and of course "912 Greens" (though it's a VERY long song)... and also South Coast - he won a Grammy in 1998 for it...

Mark told us more about how Ramblin' Jack was the real deal - and that Bob Dylan emulated himself after Jack. Jack lived with Woody Guthrie for awhile - as a student and an observer. Woody's son Arlo has said that because of his dad's early death, it was Ramblin' Jack who really taught him about this dad's music. Oh yeah, Ramblin' Jack was not a train hobo, he was a hitchhiker. And the name didn't come from traveling - Ramblin' came from Jack's love of storytelling.

Ramblin' Jack is headlining the Dylan Days concert on Saturday night at 7pm on the Hibbing High School auditorium stage - joined by Spider John Koerner and Tony Glover. See the Dylan Days website for more information.

What's YOUR favorite Ramblin' Jack song?

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