Friday, May 16, 2008

Public Education in MN at a Crossroad?

The Brainerd and Crosby-Ironton School Districts have made drastic cuts in their sports, band, choir, debate and other activities budgets. Public education funding hasn't kept up with rising costs, even more so now due to high fuel and food costs. Small school districts are even having trouble offering the range of classes important to many students and their parents. Parents are opting for open enrollment, home scholing and on-line learning to meet their needs.

On Monday, May 19th, on KAXE's Morning Show, we talk to Tom Ellis, Principal, and Mark Weiberg, teacher, at BlueSky Charter School. It's the fastest growing school in MN, and it's all offered on-line. We'll find out how on-line learning works and discuss it's place in the future of public education in MN. If you miss the interview, look for it on KAXE's web site.

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