Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did you hear last week's StoryCorps segment?

Most of the StoryCorps segments we hear on NPR's Morning Edition are touching and move me close to tears. Last week's was a whole different can of worms - it cracked me up! Ramon's story was recorded at the StoryCorps Mobile Booth in San Diego. He talks about how all the Mexican-American students at his school had their names "americanized" by their teachers. Ramon became Raymond.

The teachers DIDN'T change one kid's name though. Listen to it here.

And don't forget that the StoryCorps mobile booth is coming to Grand Rapids to include US in the largest oral history project in the United States. They will be here August 25th - September 20th. Stay tuned for how you can sign up to talk with someone you care about!

Tune in Friday mornings for segments of StoryCorps - or check the website for archives and blogs about the project.


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