Thursday, June 12, 2008

Facing North: Portraits of Ely

Tomorrow morning (Friday June 13th at 8:10am) we're going to talk with Andrew and Ann Goldman about the book they've created "Facing North: Portraits of Ely, Minnesota" published by University of Minnesota Press.

Ann wrote the essays and Andrew is the photographer for this project. The book features more than 100 portraits and essays about the unique people who call Ely home.

Andrew Goldman writes in the photographer's preface:

The idea of documenting Ely, Minnesota, appealed to me for a number of reasons. The visual variety and strength of character in the people offered seemingly limitless potential for interesting images. The town has a timelessness, an enduring spirit directly connected to the early pioneers who settled this area barely one hundred years ago. The context of the Northwoods is present in every person and every endeavor, but primarily I wanted to find the larger story through the faces of the people here.

Do you have a connection to Ely? Post it here!


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