Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ojibwemowin for Thursday, June 12

Aaniin giin, Noongom gigii-tazhindaamin: today we talked about:
Ajina go gii-mizhakwad gigizhebaag, booch, ani-kimiwan miinawaa. It cleared up for a while this morning, but as it goes, it's going to rain some more.

Ode'imini-giizis ezhinikaazod wa'aw giizis noongom, the moon/month we are in is called the 'strawberry moon' .

Maajiiginoon ode'iminan omaa Anishinaabewakiin, naa wayiiba go wii-aditewan. The strawberry plants are beginning to come up, beginning to grow, and soon the berries will be on the plants and will ripen.

Awiiya na ogikendaan wenji-izhinikaazod Ode'imini-giizis? Daga bi-ganoozhishin giishpin waa-nakwetaman o'o. Does anyone know why this month is called the strawberry moon? If so, give us a call and give us any different ideas you may have been taught in Ojibwe country about this month's name .

Mii go iw. That's it, Saagajiwe

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