Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How many times can I say I'm sorry?

The circus is in town and all I can say is I'm sorry, I had no idea that signing a manifesto could lead to this. A really rude delivery man insisted I sign a voluminous document (in duplicate) of 35+ pages last Saturday while I was on the air. I'm here to say, don't sign for something until you read EVERYTHING, even if you are on the air and Scott Hall coerces you. We found out that the circus was sent to us in Grand Rapids Minnesota instead of Grand Rapids Michigan. Elephants and high wires and monkeys and popcorn and horses and human cannonballs and all the precious "gifts" from the animals, all this while we're trying to have a fundraiser! Let us know if you are headed to Michigan anytime soon and have room in your trunk. Thanks for supporting KAXE - email or call if you want to be a part of the circus 218-326-1234.

p.s. If Maggie asks you where I am, tell her you haven't seen me.

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